Dancing with the RTE Staff


A few dead rubber GGA games did too


I must be thinking of another McGurk daughter so?


One of them was jagging Sean O’Brien


Well here’s a big surprise


Did Mia Dunphy run off with her dance partner too ?


“They are taking it slowly”

Not in my imagination they are not.


She’s only 24?? Fuckin hell


Des must be seething



a fair ensemble of nobodies this year so far, and someone who looks a lot like one of the forum’s recent fathers


Ah Fred, even he can’t believe he’s getting away with it in the manner he is.


Bastick? That’s what you need to fill the void of retirement :thinking:


Charlie Haugheys secret grand daughter and the woman who made a fool of Richie Sadler is on I see? A cracker


36K if you win it, not to be sneezed at.


The pay in the banks must really be gone to shite


The mail room isn’t all that.


Yeah but the riding is savage. Cc @dancarter


Thought he left his deposit in the vault?


Who is this prick? What’s he done, what’s he been in?


Seed capital