Darren Frehill Mistake Watch

Wouldnt surprise me. They are some fucking team


He corrected himself mid sentence in fairness.

TFK are forcing him to up his game.

Darren did well this morning again with his jovial conversation with Jarlath Burns yet getting in two key questions around the split season and the 100 man Limerick coaching staff.

This morning he announced that Rashidat had won a silver metal :grin:

In fairness to him, it was a particularly good episode of Heartbeat that was being repeated at the same time she was running.

Almost certain that Darren announced the score was 0-11 to 1-8 in the Monaghan v Meath game earlier despite saying that Monaghan were leading. It was 0-14 to 1-6 at the time. Then he swiftly moves on to the reporter at the Kerry v Louth game. Saying that things are much tighter there (Kerry leading by 10 points at the time). He’s a gas man. You’d have to enjoy him though.

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I came onto this thread just to post this.

A lovely little mistake from Darren.

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Someone on Sunday sport was calculating the points difference for Louth and Monaghan and reckoned Louth would be straight through to the QF if scores stayed like they were, when really all that mattered was whether they would be 2nd or third in the group.

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"Thanks for joining us for the draw Fergal.

Now without Fergal, I mean further, ado"



He kind of mangled Fergal and further iirc.

“without fruggle ado”


He never disappoints.