David Clifford

Harsh on @Monkey_Allen considering Deeley played beside him.

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Every time you watch him you realise more and more his greatness. What he is doing is incredible. If he was to get 3 from play in a game, that would be seen as a good job from the defenders POV

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I wouldn’t take any notice of that - we all know Ciaran doesn’t really know his football.

Anyway, I’m more like Paudie Clifford - in that I’m not even the best footballer in my own family.


When will the AFL swoop and Tadhg “ah look it mate, cop that” Kennelly come calling?

They already tried didn’t they? He’s much more suited to gaelic football than AFL anyway

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They’d want to offer some wedge to get him to take that chance I’d think. Clifford is probably already making 6 figures

@Monkey_Allen was over rated

I’m amazed mark o Connor went youd think Kerry would get him a handy job