Dental advice


No it isn’t, pal. It’s a periodontal issue and I’ve already been told that a re-root canal would be pointless.


Oh ok…you need gum grafts etc so.

Get it seen to asap would be my advice.

Put it off and it’ll cost you more and probably be more painful down the road.


Has it not been shown recently that flossing is a waste of time?


I did’nt hear that…

I do brush my teeth twice a day alright…but I think the main factor that is overlooked is genetics…a dentist once told me you either have a good set of teeth or you don’t

Eating a load of sweets etc doesn’t help, but I reckon it’s not the major factor in dental issues.


A half-pound of Apple drops in a brown paper bag once a week when you’re 13 and 14 doesn’t help.



It’s all in the wranglers pal.

I know a fella who spent 12k on taking out all of his teeth and replacing them with false teeth at 25.


Asking for advice on here is madness, particularly with regard to extraction, that’s completely dependant on the individual case.

But if it’s a periodontal issue then aren’t plaque and ultimately tartar the big problems here? Proper brushing and flossing will certainly help. Interdental brushes are great for getting bits of plaque that you miss with the floss.
I would take professional advice and visit the hygienist to give them a right good clean
But yeah I wouldn’t be asking these know it all fuckers.


I didn’t realise we had a dental thread.

This fell out of my mouth on Tuesday.

It’s a bit out of a implant. Not overally bothered as I need to go back for final bit. im sure it’s grand.



Slightly related but can anyone explain the proliferation of sweet shops in Ireland over the past few years ??


As Vinny Jones said to Kenny Cunningham one morning on the exercise bikes when he asked if anyone watched some film…Would you ever fuck off you boring bastard.


We are all boring bastards here . I mean you posted a fcuking picture on this thing.


it would be a little tradition of mine to have my teeth cleaned every few months, I can imagine the likes of @Mac with a mouthful of filthy teeth doesn’t even know what a dental hygienist is


Incorrect @caoimhaoin is far from boring! Granted that S&C and wellness shit sends me to sleep but he’s as mad as a brush, definitely not boring.


They also used to wreck poor Kenny’s head by touching his hair, especially after the showers. He was very paranoid about losing the aul hair. He’d never fight but done some serious dodging and bobbing of the head.


Kenny lost all his hair any road . Vinny was not the worse , Boavista notwithstanding .


Ya read a study recently on the subject and basically it was another one of these company shams to sell product.


I read that recently about flossing too. You wouldn’t know what to believe. I’ve never flossed and have super teeth, no fillings yet. I put it down to drinking more than two litres of milk a day for most of my childhood and teenage years.



Same as myself, no fillings yet either.

Think a lot of it is genetics…you can be lucky or unlucky…obviously not brushing them and 2 litres of Coke a day being the exception to that rule.


This must have been explosive news.