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Part of a tooth blew off and ruptured his tonsil. Nearly bled to death.


Add that to the state of his ears and this fella must look like a Picasso or something.


You disgusting animal.


he wasn’t at the dentist in 16 years the filthy animal


Still half fucked after getting my wisdom teeth taken out last Friday. Real rawness to the pain. Made it into work yesterday but a manikin doll would have been more productive. Decided to forego the martyrdom today and stay at home. Fuck that. What is the strongest painkiller that you can get from a pharmacy without prescription. I’ve been popping solpadol tablets like smarties but they are not that effective.


Did your dentist not prescribe some strong ones? Got two out at the same time this time last year. Dentist prescribed some absolute zingers but fooked if I can remember name


a bit of ketamine would sort that out


She prescribed Solpadol. They only provide relief for an hour or so.


Ibuprofen for dental pain and inflammation is best.


Ibuprofen will destroy your insides


Was this an actual dentist that prescribed Solpadol for wisdom teeth? She must have been taking the piss or else she thinks that you looked at her in an inappropriate manner and she’s punishing you.


A dental surgeon no less. I am on Difene an Augmentin as well but they do nothing for the pain.


Hold it… I can’t believe it has not been asked, but, have you tried shoving your thumb up your hole?


Awwh tough day at the office again today. Feel the need to vent. You are not alone. Call samaritans 1890 200 091. You are clearly on stage 2 of the sara: shock, anger, rejection, acceptance model. If you ring the number above you will start to accept your small man syndrome and be better equipped to deal with your inadequacies.


What the fuck is this? Did they give you pain killers or goof balls?


I got my troublesome molar pulled in early January. The fucker was cracked right down the middle of the root.

The aftermath was very delicate for the first three or four days and eating was awkward for at least a couple of weeks as food particles would go down into the hole where the roots of the tooth had been.

It took around 15/16 days for the pain to subside fully. You improve incrementally, day by day.

Gum continues to heal up nicely, most of the hole has filled in at this stage.

Dry socket is the thing you really want to avoid, by all accounts, but you should be able to do that easily enough if you take precautions.



No harm done, twas’ only in Ennis. They probably gargle with Domestos to keep the pipes clean.


5 teeth out yesterday and prosthesis fitted. Next stop, maxfax consult and hair transplant

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