Dental advice


I’m having a tooth removed this evening. How painful is this likely to be @artfoley ?


Ive had 2 back molars removed the process itself is painless you just feel pressure them a crunch and it’s out. Some teeth come straight out others can take up to 40 mins or more depending on the root. Be very careful of minding the empty socket afterwards do not rinse your mouth for a few hours so you allow the clot to develop in the wound, if the initial clot falls out you will get a dry socket and will be in a world of shit.


Can I drink after it?


Do they give you shots of vodka instead of an anaesthetic in Poland?


No man anything that could knock the clot out id strongly advise against so careful if you smoke also.


depends on which one, and how healthy it is


I have a crown and something went wrong underneath it. theres only a small bit of tooth left. I reckon it’s going to be tricky.


as long as theres something to get the pliers on you should be ok. no abscess or anything?


No it’s dead


You’ll need an extra big anaesthetic for that big square head


shouldn’t be too much of a problem then, just make sure you stick with the cleaning regime or you will get dry socket, which is as painful as one of mac’s attempts at humour


I suggest you listen to the dentist @balbec rather than looking for advice from the gobdaws here


It’s done anyway. Got a few stitches as well.


It wasn’t too bad after all.


Stiches in your mouth? Ouch


You cant bate good genes lads.

33 years and still no fillings, have all four wisdom teeth as well. Never an issue there.


Did your baby teeth fall out during childbirth?


You’re only 33?.Christ I had you down for at least 60.


The irony


Awful lot of lads here clearly with poor dental hygiene.