Dental advice


That’s Ireland in general,lads have to be dragged to the dentist.


Id only go if I had one that needed pulling really. Gums etc are grand luckily, a lad I’m working with has receding gums…going to cost him a small fortune apparently.


You’re a mighty man. No fillings in 33 years your dentist just skipped straight to the pulling ffs :joy::joy::joy:


Twice a year the dentist should be visited at least.Nothing worse than people with big yellow crooked teeth.


I went last December, got them cleaned and that was it thankfully. My grandmother was the same, kept all her own teeth.


A mighty man is right.

I’m young yet though pal, what are you pushing 40?

  1. You’re young to be having teeth pulled


Have you had a few pints? i’ve all of my teeth pal, luckily.


Why did you say you only go to the dentist when you need one pulled so. Your story is unravelling here. Id say you have a mouth like a graveyard


Have you a bar in your grate at all?


An anecdotal tale:
After a particularly viscious extraction in the national school when aged 9/10 I avoided all these practioners for 50+years until I casually visited Mellanphy’s in Derrylin in conjunction with Herself about 10 years ago.
His opening comment was “You haven’t been here in a while” merely elicited a guffaw.

He extracted 3 dead soldiers and managed to prise a root out while in full flow. That 3 drops of sweat fell off his nose as he quarried wasn’t lost on me and his “Yer’a Hardy bastard” wasn’t much consolation.

That all said I’d go back to him in a heartbeat - a true professional.


I’d say he’d ate an apple through a letterbox


I thought I needed one pulled last christmas, that along with the listerine adds had me spooked.

I was grand though. Fillings and extractions nil. @The_Most_Infamous 1.


thats one thing I really notice in oireland, the state of the teeth, disgusting


I had a sales rep out at the house recently, great product, decent price but christ the state of the cunts teeth… Large yellow prongs imbedded in an overcrowded palate with contrasting bright red gums.

Hard to take a fella seriously if he doesn’t take his rental hygiene seriously.


it took me half an hour to find somewhere that sold inter-dental brushes in Ennis


Root canal tomorrow at lunch, will I have to cancel afternoon meetings?


You will have a numb mouth if nowt else


Speech impeded so? I’ll cancel them to be safe


Its not a pleasant experience