Dental advice


Is there any dental visit that is?


Not really but the root canal involves a fair skip of drilling.


I don’t mind that. How long does it take the anaesthetic to wear off, roughly. I don’t want to be influencing out one side of my face


Couple of hours


Thanks. Most helpful


Having one side of your face paralysed might hide your horrendous Limerick townie accent. Plough on with the meeting.


How much is the going rate for a crown/veneer?




I was thinking that. Saw 500 in the dentist yesterday thought it was too good to be true


Do you want it done or want it done properly?


True that but a quick bit of research tells me there’s a such thing as “ultra thin” veneers now. A cheaper option. I’ve been to Budapest before for dental treatment and it was of a much higher standard than here for half the price.


I’d one done last year in Dublin and whatever Dental Plan I have on my work VHI covered the cost of almost all of it. I may have ended up paying about 100 quid or so. The Dental plan add ons are dirt cheap for what you get from them


How much is your dental plan, mate? I have the basic one, think it’s about €260 a year, but I’m finding out to my cost in last 6 weeks that it’s kinda shit.


I got some veneers put in a while back and tried to claim tax back. Asked the dentist to fill in the Med 2 form so I could claim. She said because the veneers were made in-house I couldn’t claim. I tried a little gentle persuasion but she said they couldn’t as it would be fraud and they would be in trouble if Revenue found out. I asked her how it was possible for Revenue to find out where the veneers stuck in my head were made.


I’d look into that, pal. That doesn’t sound right.


I got on to Revenue and asked them, explained that the veneers were made in-house and not in a lab. Revenue said it was eligible. There must be small print on the Med 2 form, dentist was still adamant they weren’t signing it even though I had written confirmation from Revenue.


Sounds like your dentist is up to something very shady and doesn’t want Revenue knocking about.


Don’t let it go Mike. Keep on top the fuckers.
Get your teeth into it


Does your dentist also sell gates and power tools


Because the dentist was probably including their sale in VAT returns. V easy cross reference after that if they were bothered