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Of course it is. My GP believes if anything most people lack salt.

But Mac won’t know what we are talking about here really because he


Sticking with just irish grown root veg is actually not good. (It is better than no veg though)

Variety forces your digestive system to work harder for a start. That’s good for metabolism.

But the more Mediterranean veg have wonderful health values. A mix is ideal.

Onions and peppers have a particular effect on me. I can feel it if I have not has o ions in a while and I actually crave them.


A balanced diet is essential. Ateing massive plates of spuds and meat everyday can’t be good for you



It’s stunning how many stupid cunts here are arguing with Kev here on basic nutritional concepts. Half of them living off fast food and salad bars. The human body needs simple enough nourishment to survive, everything else is gravy.


he’s arguing with lazy slobs who spend their entire weekends drinking in the pub and running into the bookies backing horses like corner boys every 5 minutes (in between posting pictures of their pints on here) its bizarre


Wouldn’t it be great if lads got their own houses in order before criticising others.


A couple of flakes of Himalayan rock salt in a glass of water would change most lads on here hydration levels

In fact drinking water without adding salt is a waste of time.


I’m getting ads for Ready Meals all over the internet since this thread reared its preprocessed head.




I’m not getting any? Zuchs obviously knows you’re a fella that’s short on time


You are dealing with lads here who spend their weekend drinking pints in the pub (and taking photographs of them) and running into the pub every ten minutes back horses



Are lads getting their pancakes delivered to the Bishopstown Bar today?


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I don’t eat ready meals or cereal

In any event I take any newspaper report about risk factors with a pinch of salt as they are usually based on flawed studies.

In this case I assume study is associative as they hardly had a control group who never ate a ready meal. Having said that eating food where all ingredients are foods and not chemicals would appear by any common sense standard to be better alright.


Be careful with the TV dinners pal.


Who eats these?


I take pycnogenol and aspirin every day because I am.


You have been caught on about you have no clue about again