Diet & Nutrition


You can’t medicate away a bad diet.


You do.


No I don’t you gobshite


You eat food that’s prepared in an Industrial Unit (or the back room of a pub.)


I do.

So do you.

It’s not the same as the food you have in article


I don’t eat ready meals.


You eat food prepared in industrial units


You can’t out run a bad diet


Not every day ,I don’t. Once in a blue moon.


Took ya long enough

Did you actually go away and check? ??:joy::joy::joy:


No im actually doing something else now.


Probably wasting your time cooking some nutritious home cooked fresh food.


In from training
Bowl of homemade soup made in my soup-maker yesterday. Potato, onion, leek, broccoli

And then the main course chicken and asparagus risotto


A pot?


No an electric soup maker that cooks the ingredients and blends it. We have already covered I am time poor.


I’m with you on the soupmaker bro


A square of this for dessert while lads slating my pre prepared meals are gorging on Fredo bars and Double Deckers


So it saves you the two minutes it would take to blend it with a handheld blender. Unreal.


Incorrect. It’s a game changer. The missus made broccoli and blue cheese soup with it last week. Unreal.


Luddites like @glasagusban don’t get it