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Where can I get one of these, sir?


Maybe try the internet?


Amazon. Salter. 50 quid


Maybe go fuck yourself?


Argos for 60 odd if you’re afraid to go on the Internet and risk clicking on your own Facebook page again.




I really fucking hate simpletons whose first response is " have you googled it?". I’m just trying to get some discourse going guys, maybe get some real life opinions and thoughts. The art of conversation will be dead soon, just a load of drones googling. Disappointed that @The_Selfish_Giant has resorted to this type of response, thought he was better than that.

I’m pretty sure I’ve used Google as a put down in the past before anyone spends half an hour searching for it so don’t bother.


The art of conversation on the topic of where best to procure a soup maker is better off dead mate.

#3131 is a great ooooofffttttter


2 angry responses to 1 innocous post


I won’t deny it, I’m fucking livid here.


Is there any benefits of going Gluten free?


I think all personal is gluten free mate


Think my body has made the transition from using glucose to using ketones… Its been a difficult and frustrating few days, I haven’t been easy to be around but the benefits I’m starting to feel are tremendous.


Tell us more brah


What’s this, brah?


Minimal carbs… Carrots and turnips mainly the only source really. Cuntish for first few days as you body cries out for cheap sugar hits. Heaps of meat, veg and fats. Nothing complex… Simple eating.


KP has been the low-key star of all nutrition/fitness talk on this forum for years :smile:

I can never tell if he’s serious or not


I have moments where I’m deadly serious mate. Other times I let it all hang out.


God help anyone trapped in a lift with you so