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Is that the Atkins diet? That poor man spent his life claiming that carbs were one of the main causes of obesity and was laughed at by the experts.

One of the side effects of low carb diets is constipation. Psyllium husk tablets are the best job for loosening up the jobby.


Too many (processed) carbs cause depression. We’ve discussed this to death.


If a diet is causing you problems elsewhere (like constipation) then that should be enough of a signal that you are going against what your body requires.


That’s hard to disagree with but it won’t stop @KinvarasPassion shit getting backed up.


Psyllium husk is great gear


It turns your shit to silk.


No need for loo roll

Flush and go


I’m shitting away grand at the moment but I’ll keep these mind if I find myself grunting one out.





Using very little words to get to the point, crushing goals, about 3 days ahead of myself workload wise.

I reckon I could get away with 15 hours a week compared to lads munching away on bread rolls who’d struggle to get the same amount of work done in 45 hours.


You’ll be at a big advantage now when the bread shortage kicks in


“Few words”. Was your grammar always shite or have your cognitive abilities gone to shite due to the lack of appropriate fuel for your brain?


Trying too hard is another tell tell sign of complex carb exhaustion mate. I’ll happily help you if you’re open to it.


oooft headshot,some clarity of thought there


There’s no need to lash out. You’re clearly grumpy and irritable because your body isn’t getting the fuel it needs.


These days, I choose my mood.
I’m no longer a slave to the volatility of blood sugars


Muldoons can’t get their head around it


No, I think he meant small words as opposed to few words.


Fewer words


That would also be incorrect.