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Do explain


A game changer


I find it fascinating how a humble clean living part time suckler farmer has the ability to have some down trodden civil servant frothing at the mouth at the other end of the country.


I’m only trying to help you to be your best self.


Tis great stuff to clear the mucoid plaque. A game changer for overall digestive health. And by extension, cognitive clarity.

Saves the thumb as well :wink:


The guy who didn’t eat for 382 days, fascinating.

Also, huge cancer based research into the Keto diet and the benefits of it in killing off glucose hungry cancer cells.


Lots of evidence that the diabetes drug metformin prevents cancer due to whatever it does to how body uses glucose. Lots of doctors take it off license as a prophylactic


Refreshing isotonic drink. Vitamin-rich. Reduced calories.Erdinger Alkoholfrei is brewed under the strict Bavarian Purity Law, which means it is made from only high quality, natural ingredients. The isotonic thirst quencher with the inimitable refreshing taste provides the body with essential nutrients. Folic acid and vitamin B12 reduce fatigue and support the immune system, B12 also promotes energy-yielding metabolism


That’s not erdinger




@TheUlteriorMotive @binkybarnes how do ye incorporate the psyllium husk into the diet lads? How much, how often and how?

I fire desert spoon of it into the breakfast smoothie twice or thrice a week. Very unscientific. Almost roasteristic.

Porridge oats, frozen fruit, acacia powder, soya yoghurt, coconut water, coconut oil plus the husk on alternate days. Does me till 3 or 4 pm most days.


Yeah that is all I do.

Sprinkle it in porridge or a spoon big glass of water.

It can choke you if you don’t get enough liquid with it


I take it in capsule form. I found the powder stuff too hard to get down


I inject it.


Good to know!

Would you do that every day? Trying to get a feel for when to use it and when to lay off it…


I probably do about 4 times a week. Not scientific or anything.


what are the benefits?


It’s an easy way to get lots of soluble fiber into your diet with all the benefits that come with that


That cancer thing has been completely debunked. All food is broken down to glucose for use in all cells. Eat as many carrots and turnips as you like but don’t spread dangerous billshit about curing cancer.


Cleans you out good and proper.