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I massage it into my feet. The slow release really boosts its impact


Part of cancer treatment… Nobody is seriously suggesting that’s its an alternative to radiation or chemo.

By the way, I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure not all food is broken down to glucose…


Part of quack cancer treatment taking advantage of vulnerable patients


Who exactly is taking advantage ? The local butcher so he can sell them more red meat?

What are the disadvantages of going on a keto diet if youre a cancer sufferer?

Even the likes of John Hopkins have published its benefits.


We’ve known since 1909 that a calorie restrictive diet and fasting inhibits the growth of tumors, and all studies since then have confirmed it.


You have both put up studies showing evidence in mice. Both conlude that more evidence and research is needed.

@labane’s link even states that calorie restrictive diet is extremely dangerous for end stage cancer patient’s (the vulnerable ones who’d try anything. It can just as easily accelerate the onset of cachexia (anorexia like syndrome specific to cancer patients) as shrink tumours.

@kinvara’s passion, I’ve linked a page from the Mayo Clinic suggesting all cells need glucose and that depriving cancer cells of sugar doesn’t slow their growth.


my clarity of thought after that alcohol free german beer is off the charts


What’s your issue with studies using mice? All mammals have almost identical organs and metabolism, and as the attached article states human and mice show remarkable similarity in disease pathogenesis.

You picked out the one issue with the article from UCSF, that it is dangerous for end stage patients. End stage patients by definition have no hope (currently) and are unlikely to be eating much anyway. The take away message is that a restricted calorie diet is beneficial, extends lifespan and reduces incidence and progression of disease, including cancer. Of course more evidence and research is needed, that will always be the case.


What’s your take on why metformin seems to stop cancers developing ?


I’ve no idea. I hadn’t heard that use until you mentioned it. A quick google would suggest the experts don’t seem to know exactly why it works. I’ve never heard of anybody using it for prophylaxis. I have heard it used as an unlicensed means of losing weight.

It’s used regularly enough for gynaecological issues, including fertility problems, and even in those cases the mode of action is subject to some speculation.

I just get pissed off with the suggestion that starving cancer of sugar cures it. It’s too much of a simplification and hasn’t been proven to work in any way in humans. (@labane1917 somehow took it that I have an issue with studies on mice) I’ve seen the horrible effects that this has had on cancer patients and the subsequent worsening of their conditions. In fairness to @KinvarasPassion he only said that they were studies and I might have been a bit zealous with my response to his original post.

@KinvarasPassion there is a massive moneymaking industry (beyond your local butcher) promoting unproven alternative approaches to treating cancer including ketogenic dieting,


+1 agreed.

There does need to a more holistic approach to cancer treatment/prevention though. Gut microbes, blood glucose levels, sleep quality etc… All play their own unique part.


Agree wholeheartedly. Only started reading up on the gut microbiome properly recently. Mental stuff. That thread should be bumped weekly.


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I had a toasted cheese and chorizo sandwich there with half a block of cheese grated into it. Liberal sprinkling of salt on it.


anyone on CocoaVia lads?


You won’t know yourself pal. It’ll be coming out of you like a sour plum.


sounds unreal, what is the best way to ingest it?


Massage it into the soles of your feet


The husks are rocket fuel. Use sparingly though.

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Moisten your thumb and dip it palm deep into the product, ensuring good even coverage over the surface of your thumb.
Undo your pants and remove your underwear, you know the rest from here