Diet & Nutrition


I lash a haped desert spoon of it into a nutri ninja with porridge oats, coconut oil and coconut water, frozen fruit and what not a few times a week. The boys say you got to down a good glass of water after or it could choke you.

You can mix it up in water as well.

You know the way the slurry spreader blasts out a rake of gassy spray at the end of a load… you know the tank is empty then… empty good and proper… that’s your bowels with the psyllium. You clear out a load of black muck in the early days. Like a baby.


I am driven mad here with excitement over my consignment of psyllium husk, I keep looking out the window to se if UPS have arrived yet, I can wait for a savage shite


Throw out the toilet roll holder. You’ll not need it.


Has the clarity of thought improved @Tassotti


He has nothing left to type now that all the shite has come out the other end


I took 6 grammes of psyllium husk today in my smoothie.


Andrex will try and silence you.


how may grammes do you normally take?


I’d go through half a kilo in a month


First post husk shite. Incredible experience. It’s s gamechanger


Horsed a generous table spoon of this stuff into me just there. Will get me to 2pm when I’ll have a nutritious lunch.


Just polished off a pot of it last night. It’s good but not as nice as meridian. The pip and nut stuff is particularly good for cooking with.


I’ve doubled my intake today to 12 grammes, that shit this morning was like a dream. I have been researching it, the modern human needs 30 grammes a day of fibre and with your average diet you only get 18, you need to get that extra 12 grammes from somewhere, psyllium husk is the answer


What’s the best supplement for piles? I wonder would psyllium husk do a job for me?


cc @Piles_Hussain … What supplements do most people take to stop you irritating them?


there’s a savage problem with constipation in the world


Train, plane or automobile supplements, the cunts.


this is simply unreal, how come your arse is so clean after this stuff? third shite of the day yet and used 1 square


I’ve just done a savage pretend shite myself and it climbed around the u bend by itself


It’s like squats for your colon. Ramps up peristalsis.