Diet & Nutrition


its amazing stuff, thanks for getting me on it


I love the sharing of knowledge, the coming together of minds


its incredible what is happening in my toilet


I’m upping it today


A worthwhile investment hopefully @Tassotti


it will change your life


Why do you weigh your vomit?


Add it to your protein shakes, mate.


Unbelievable scenes. Threw a few spoonfuls into the overnight oats along with the usual kefir and milled chia seeds and the results have been spectacular. Simultaneously upped my dose of probiotic and my digestive system is working like a Swiss clock now.


Oh dear


I’ve said it before… If enough of us got together and made up a buzz word / diet/ ingredient it would take off in no time.


It’s a never ending hustle


Psyllium husk?




I was in Holland & Barret the other day and I saw this…don’t know how good the quality is bit it was only 20 notes so I picked it up…tried it today. Cleaned out within an hour… Felt light than I’ve felt in a look time… Unreal.

Cc @Tassotti @KinvarasPassion


Wtf are you on about


He’s bought a Tesco value version of the latest fad and the chemicals in it just wore away half his insides


Game changer.

Welcome aboard


I’d say all this cleaning out ye’re doing is destroying yer insides. Shiteing food out of ye before ye’ve extracted half the nutrients.


Apparently sauerkraut is the next big thing. Sandor katz is the current go to guru