Diet & Nutrition


:rollseyes: sauerkraut is so last month


Hence the smell


It’s unbelievable… 2 days and I’m operating on another level. Pure clarity of thought as my two brains are now in sync.

Look at all the anger and confusion then from the backed up neanderthals on here…lashing out because their gut health is in tatters.


Its savage stuff.


Lads if any of ye ever want to actually change habit for good and get out of this latest trick lark, check out precision nutrition and go on their 12 month coaching program. Proper long term change.


Best recipe for protein balls/bars whatever?




Look up protein balls.

Peanut butter, cinemmon and protein powder important


If you’re making Rice Krispie buns the Rice Krispies important.


Bang on 45 minutes, flushed totally clean.

It’s unbelievable. It’s like my gut is alive for the very first time, the whole of mankind needs to be on this stuff. You’re living in the dark ages without it.


savage savings on toilet paper aswell, lovely clean shite


Got a few free samples of this stuff the other day… Unless you want to fuck your circadian rhythm and blow your blood sugar stability then I’d avoid the fuck out of these…


Somehow life will never be the same again.


€4.19 ! I never had you down for a fool.


I thought you couldn’t put a price on intestinal purity and whole body serenity but you can, and its 4.19


That’s the price of daily clarity mate.


Welcome aboard pal.

I think I alerted the board to the virtues of the p husk five years ago but in truth I was only scratching the surface of its power.


I can feel my villi standing to attention already as the husk makes its way through


you life will change in ways you never thought possible



Amazing. Never experienced anything like it. No effort needed…