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For how long do you need to be in close proximity to a toilet after taking it ?




Its not really like that, your shite pattern doesn’t really change… It just glides out


Having a nightmare of a shit here now. Think I’ll get some of this stuff during the week.


Are Psyllium Husks the go to remedy to clean out my insides?





Order made.

Updates to follow.


@Tassotti swore by them


No. 3 x24 hour fasts in your week


You do that?


If you want to detox. Of clean out system. Intermittent Fasting is shown to help this.

Mice studies suggest it may help with fighting free radicals thru boosting immune system and thus reduce signs of aging, aging diseases and cancers.

I know from doing it and client feedback that the benefits in fat loss are minimal (lot of science supports that too) compared to calories decreased diets but the other health benefits like better sleep, less snacking, more energy, less colds etc are very real.

Our body detoxs. Nothing else.

Check this out for some medical support


It will change your life in ways you never thought possible. Put it in a shaker and Drink it with plenty of water so you don’t choke.


I should have it tomorrow. How much of it should I be taking and how often?


1 tsp before bed preferably but first thing in the morning will do also.


Every morning I have the following (in a nutri bullet *blender):

Few prunes
Few dates
Teaspoon Chia seeds
Desert spoon of coconut oil
Desert spoon psyllium husks
Heaped desert spoon rice protein powder
Handful frozen blueberries
Good gulp of soya plain yoghurt
Teaspoon of chunky peanut butter
Top it up with orange juice or water


Wait about 30 mins (drive to work…)
Sit on the nearest jacks and…



Juices are fairly useless now it seems


Yeah, adds nothing.
What you make of the rest of it?


These old timers are taking the piss mate, what age are you, 21? You’ll end up aging prematurely like that other old mans ass from West Limerick


Have you ever heard such fucking shite.


You’d have to see it in the bowl to believe it. It will change your life.