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Tablespoon in half a litre of water first thing in morning to start. Then add it to evening as well. Drink a fair bit of water with it


The fruit has great anti inflammatory properties but you lose alot of that with blending

Youghart with fruit and the seeds would work well. I use flaxseed and granola myself


It’s far from the plantago fields yous were raised


A tablespoon and a half, pal?
A desert spoon a day has me on digestive easy street. Lord knows where tablespoon and a half could take me. I’d be going around like Elton John I’d say.


Fibre remains in fruit if blended - but it’s taking out of juices.

Fibre very important @FatChops


I was adding acacia powder for the fibre but the farting was off the charts. Off. The. Charts.


Gas cunts, convincing yourselves that you can counteract a shitty diet or properly detox by filling up on laxitives :grinning:


No better man than yourself to educate everyone else about shite, thats for sure.


Who is using laxatives?

Soluble fiber.

You may as well call vegetables laxatives.


It’s a laxative mate, all well and good to have a laugh but you’d worry about some of the young lads taking this stuff seriously.


No it doesn’t. Seriously reduced.


Jesus I don’t know about a desert spoon of coconut oil lad. Swap your quantities of coconut oil and peanut butter and it sounds a lot better.


A study by the EDFGY shows that it remains when just blended. How can blending it be any different to chewing, swallowing and going through digestive acid and digestive tract before extracting fibre …


The body has to work less. It’s digested faster.

Simply not as good


Snowflakes and their shortcuts


@tassotti often mentioned the molecular structure of the food being damaged in the blending process, he had some insight all the same.


I’m on about fibre … blended fruits keep all their fibre in tact. It might lose other nutrients but not fibre and he wants fibre to shit.


You can get soluble fibre that dissolves in a glass of water, some people are prescribed it. Give that I can’t imagine a whizz in a blender breaks it down so much it reduces it’s benefit significantly. Coffee is another good source of soluble fibre.


Fibre, for the most part, is indigestible and passes through the GIT relatively unchanged.


They do not