Diet & Nutrition


It’s alot more complicated than that.


You are not getting it. It’s tge effort to break it down that helps.

Not to mention you lose the “full” feeling from whole v. Juice.

That’s hugely important to health


I really doubt t there is a significant loss and I never feel full anyway.


There is very significant loss. You are dissolving it


Soluble fibre is still good for you. Maybe it takes less effort to break down but that is surely a very minimal impact if you are eating anything else as well.


Ya but nowhere near as good not to mention the fact that breaking down the fibre is good for the body plus any of the less good stuff gets absorbed faster which in that case needs to be used faster. And if not more likely to be stored as fat.

There is simply no comparison in terms of “good for you” between eating and drinking fruit/veg. None.


I’ll accept it’s probably better to eat them in their natural state. But I’m not going to get pineapple spinach kiwis lime and ginger or whatever into me in the morning while I cook whatever else I’m eating for breakfast without blending, and I think the difference can only be very marginal.


The difference is massive.

I’m a Nutrition Coach with a 2 year Cert behind me.

You are someone trying to justify their time and breakfast

I’ll let the lads decide.


I’d side with Glas.




Your man has a cert in nutrition but buys his meals out the back of a dodgy pub.




Yip. And the veg there is hundreds of times better than you lads and the snowflake juices

Talk about taken in by marketing




Ye have reached new levels of insecurity today.

Well done. The irish male never ceases to amaze.


What? I think you might be taking this far more seriously than you should.


You can’t disagree or he lashes out.


I know it is complicated but what you said about it being digested more quickly is just wrong.
I agree with your general point about veg being far more nutritious than juices


Apparently John Conlon blends his food, it has made savage improvements for him.


Yes, I should have been specific to ingestion of nutrients.
It’s more soluble (of which physillium is) and insoluble with fibre fibre
Juice is digested quicker than whole fruit. It moves around the body quicker. The nutrients are

The skin is the most important fibre in most fruit. So when it is juiced that’s gone or severely reduced fibre wise. Which renders it a bit useless really.

There is also blood sugar elevation with juices compared to whole food.