Diet & Nutrition


Lads if you just take the psyllium husk the mental clarity will reveal what you have been unable to see.


My order is out for delivery :innocent:


Call up to Jerry Lucey before you start on this stuff mate, it will do you more harm than good, how long have you been constipated?


The bones of a week I’d say. The pain seems to be at its worst at night for some reason. The clean out will hopefully sort me out for Sunday. Don’t want to be constipated in the Killinan End Terrace of all places :cold_sweat:


What harm will it do?


You can pick it up in any half decent health food shop. When you’re there grab yourself a bottle of Braggs Apple Cider vinegar “with The Mother” on the label. Sorts out your digestive health and clanes out any gunk lingering about.


I’ve had 10 pieces of whole fruit today.


It’s great the way you can really cram them in when you blend them.


I ate em, bro.


Like soup, I get you.


Petar Brzica?


Welcome to the rest of your life pal.

There’s lads on here posting who were near death’s door before the psyllium husk. Now not a mention of a tight hamstring or hip.


Unreal :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Are lads on here still eating food like Victorians.

I am going full vegan starting this week with a food replacement system called Huel.


You’re some man for a fad


I don’t even recognize the man who used to eat food


Is it Huel Gruel?


A pretend fad


Huel stink to the heavens


Tell me more