Diet & Nutrition


It’s a food replacement system. Fully balanced nutritional profile. Vegan. Economically and environmentally sustainable. Eliminate decision fatigue. Low sugar. Low sodium. Gluten free option. You will save hours a week and the mental and physical benefits are off the charts.

Lads eating food are like lads driving combustion engine vehicles. About to be overtaken by technology.


It sounds exciting, does it involve self discipline? My will power is gone to fuck


It’s the gruel shit from the matrix


Strongly linked to bowel and pancreatic cancer and soon to be banned in Europe


None at all. It removes choices. That’s the beauty of it.


You’re probably ating meat and processed meat there as you type that which is actually linked to those cancers. Huel is vegan with no such links.

You would want your head examined to eat meat regularly with the health issues and environmental impact.


This stuff is kryptonite for your system. Tread carefully


I’ve been vegan for 2 weeks now and going well… you’d worry about the backward lads still eating processed food, sea food full of plastic and meat pumped full of all kinds… it’s so primitive i laugh out loud thinking about it.


I went through a period of eating food without palm oil in it which meant I ate less processed food. Lost 10kg over 6 months but fell off the wagon recently for personal reasons…


You were spotted eating a burger and battered sausage yesterday you lying cunt


You mug … I brought my own food with me.



You fuckin roaster


I’m very comfortable with that.




I’m going vegetarian again for a month


The mental clarity is unreal, you’d want your head examined to ate meat, like a caveman, its actually a dead animal if you think about it


I’ve a savage amount of work to get through over the next 10 weeks. I need consistency of thought and time is of the absolute essence.

There was only ever one solution.


Welcome to the club


Less time spent thinking about meals and ateing = more time. Time = money


Isn’t that it.