Diet & Nutrition


Game. Changer.

It’s a passport to the Promised Land.


A superb testament to the clarity of thought you have now.


No typo’s from 7am tomorrow mate.


Whats the program? Huel for breakfast and lunch and then 8 fish fingers and a package of chips for tea? It actually has everything on the nutrition spectrum


Huel for 2 meals for pure convenience more than anything and rib eye steak for dinner with a some form of green veg and a few spuds. I always sleep better after a feed of spuds but would only eat them on nights I’d have some form of exercise done in that day.

It appears that way but I’d suspect there maybe micronutrients in real food that we may miss out on, along with the enzymes produced when we chew… And possibly fibre issues.


If you’re eating steak, green vegetables and spuds of an evening why do you need help?


I don’t have time for breakfast or lunch mate and end up eating crap half the time.


A bowl of porridge would be done in 10 minutes


You could consider keto, eating once a day is plenty


10 fucking minutes


Ok, I’ve fought it too long. I’m in


Jaysus you must be living four sheets to the wind


I’m full of purpose



I’ll stick to ateing food but if you go full scale Limitless on this stuff I’m going to chance it


they just don’t get it


I just realised you’re taking the piss. You and your ribeye




I’ve had about 4 Bensons & Hedges this morning along with 2 x mugs of maxwell house coffee, I ate 2 x toffee pop biscuits while the kettle was boiling.
I’m off into Dr Morris park now to show a few minors how to sprint. I’ll outrun the majority of them.
Can’t bate breeding.


Unreal. No meat you see, that’s the key


A unique mix of generations of cross breeding can throw up some strange quirks.

enjoy the day ahead mate.