Does whiskey go off after its been open for a bit?



Im at this tonight. An Oirish.
Had a shit day. Got dogs abuse reffing an U16 match this evening and then had a massive row with the missus when I got home.


Send anyone off?


Maybe if you weren’t such a prick?


Iv been buying 200ml bottles and keeping two bottles in the cabinet topped up to fool the missus who is anti whiskey for some reason but she knows fuck all about it really


Good enough for you, you slimey cunt


There’s a lovely bite to the thread. Peaty even.


You sound like my missus you pathetic cunt


It’s getting late now,lads are sitting at home having a few drinks,lovely.


There’ll be 2 empty bottles on the counter for her in the morning when she gets up
Whatever time that will be


Those 16 year olds would drive a man to drink.


Your wife or your mistress?


Do you have an issue with someone having a mistress?


Only when they wax lyrical about how great a family man they are


I’ll drop them to the bottle bank after I wipe your wife’s cunt off my cock on your curtains and head away in the morning.


Are you going to cut off her cunt and wear it around for a while?


Sound man.


Could do with having the ears pinned back a bit, I won’t lie


Very, very strange comments here


You wouldn’t expect them on the whiskey thread.