Does whiskey go off after its been open for a bit?


Did you ever stick a finger up your hole as you were riding your missus?


That Jameson Oirish is a lovely whiskey. Iv been topping up the bottle with caskmates stout. A grand soft auld whiskey madr for big quantities


You’ll have to word that better, mate. You’re sounding deranged here.


Try it some time, you’ll surprise yourself.


I’ll keep you posted


Getting a finger up the hole would be a surprise alright I’d say.


Go easy at first, but once your ass is ready, it’ll suck you right in like a Nilfisk.


Is that what it’s called


How could you surprise yourself with a manoeuvre like that? Surely you’d know what you were in for.


This is god awful banter, have a glass of whiskey there pal and come back in 20 minutes


American whiskey or proper whiskey


Like a black hole?


That I’d be Garvagh


An imperial black hole


I wouldn’t be a connoisseur like the roasters here horsing jemmy in to themselves so I’d only have a glass of bourbon now and again.


Ah an American roaster.


There are some lovely rye whiskies.


I boxed there back in the day.


Oh grow up you pathetic streak of piss


I’ve a good friend in Garvagh actually.