Does whiskey go off after its been open for a bit?


I know. We had this conversation a while back


Bourbon is a noble drink


Something like that mate. I’ll have a bourbon watching the boxing tonight and then abuse a couple of the simpletons here later, all going well.




We actually had this conversation before. :smile:


Agreed, a lot lads would only have sampled regular Jack or Jim Beam. I’d have a slight preference for rye myself.


Fuckin Roasters,whatever they order would be filled up with a mineral anyways.


Weren’t you supposed to call in


Four roses small batch is a clinker.


Jim Murray rates buffalo trace as the best distillery in the world.


I spent an afternoon drinking Old Ripy with my brother in law down in Virginia a few years back,tasty enough tack but I wouldn’t be an expert


I recommended Buffalo Trace to @labane1917 months ago and he’s never looked back.


CR Northern Harvest got the prize in 2016, a lovely drop and great value.


Jaysus I’d drink one now if I had it


I’ll have to give it a go. About 40 is the limit for drinking, anything beyond that is for keeping. But if you’re sure


So we did.


Why would you keep whiskey out of interest?


The imperial is closed now.


What happened?


There’s not much market for prod pubs/hotels. The taigs tend to drink more.