Does whiskey go off after its been open for a bit?


I don’t remember.


That’s a good sign


True enough.I remember the local crowd gave us a hard time,the people involved in the club were sound,but I was on in the second half and the brother was fighting in the first so I went in togged out and stood at the back roaring him on,as you do when these wee cunts came over giving me shit(freestater taig fenian etc)And I look over and there’s about 20 older cunts staring me down seeing if I’ll do something.I did something alright about 20 mins later to their hero in the ring.I got a standing ovation on the way out of the ring.


That’s class. It’s not a bad part of the country really.




Some nice farms around there.Well kept.Ill say that for Ivor/Stanley they keep their farms tidy.


That’s what I was thinking, hard working etc. Great land…dry and mild.
The country orange men have some sort of values. The city ones tend to be a bit more complicated.


Most of our crowd have no idea how to farm.Theyre farms are usually a disgrace.


So what are you drinking you sullen truculant


Maybe a few more grants


They’ll piss them up on a wall.


No grants here now anyway. Time was you got 50% grants for reseeding, concrete, drains, hedges, machinery etc. And that’s when there was a few quid in farming. No wonder we’re all on the whiskey.


True dat.


Fair paly Massey, never guessed you were a traveller.


I’ve been to Oz the States


Have you lost the land?




@Massey 's worth millions.


Good to hear.


Bulleit rye, one cube of ice, bliss.