Does whiskey go off after its been open for a bit?


Should I have another?


A double, @feck_it.



How long has Conor’s whiskey been maturing for?


McGregor thinks he is Tommy Shelby :rofl:


Longer than konor


He;s been watching too much Peaky Blinders


And gangs of new York



About to open a bottle of The Oirishman :smile: that was lying round the office since Christmas
Very twee sounding whiskey


Its pure fucking shit


You fucking mug


Have you druck it yourself @Mac
Lacking a bit of flavour I think. Two large ones in iv enough of it.


No mate. I tend to only drink whiskey I’ve bought, rather than the shit left in the office that no-one else wanted


Really. Iv never bought whiskey. Thats really interesting @mac


I’ve never bought sex. Maybe we could learn something from each other?


Oh youve bought it alright you gullible ape


I had 4 nice pints of porter in the local, I’m home now and I’m having a glass of bog standard Jameson. A lovely drink.


Jameson is the greatest whiskey on the planet


I see @Mac is pissed agin