Does whiskey go off after its been open for a bit?


Agreed, he’s a snide prick.


The great thing about whiskey is the clear head the next morning. The dirty bloated feeling you’d get from drinking beer and the rush to the jacks in the morning to rid it from your system, destroying the jacks in most cases because youve a gallon or more of that piss gulped down ‘just being sociable’
It’s disgusting when you think what you are doing to your body. Pure caveman behaviour.
In contrast there’s a certain elegance to drinking 8 or 10 whiskeys.



You’re right. The cavemen were deadly lads for the pints.


Cask mates is very decent & not too pricey .


The stout version is a lovely smooth whiskey with a bit of body to it. Where would yoy be going for that price.
Jameson have 4 or 5 very very good whiskeys out there for under 45 euro. All gems. And not a taste of fucking turf off of any if them.


I have a cold so had a hot whisky last night with some ten year old Talisker which was a cut above a normal hot whisky.


Would you not get the desire to go flaking after a heap of whiskey? You’d see the vein pop up in some lads foreheads once they hit 7 or 8… Myself included.


Myself also


Something that concerned me at the beginning but so far no thank God


I find it gives me a serious horn actually for a day or so after a good feed of it


That’s why it’s called ‘karate water’.


The proper 12 is supposed to be very weak, haven’t tried it myself. Anyone get a sip?


No thank God.
I get very placid with drink in me.


I find that from Tuesday/wednesday on im thinking about Friday night almost constantly. Friday night is whiskey night and so is saturday


I can’t believe I’m drinking fucking Jack and Coke.


that looks like a lovely bar


It’s a kip.



Nice doggie…