Does whiskey go off after its been open for a bit?


I had half a bottle of that very whiskey last night with 1 large Oirishman in around the middle of it all


What was his name. Hope you aren’t too sore this morning


You add no value round here.


Here we go again, you’re a very one dimensional poster, unbelievably predictable


I love the way ye lads all rally around each other. Theres 4 or 5 of ye. It’s gas how ye attract each other and stick together like a little gang of boring fuckers.


Yadda yadda yadda, sane old shit over and over again. Boring cunt waiting for a reacharound


Tried a few Teelings Single grain during the week. Really lovely stuff and dangerous too; 46% ABV amd you’d knock them back with little trouble


The teeling boys are making serious serious whiskey.


Picked up a bottle of this on the way to work today. Reduced to 50 quid in Tesco. Looking forward to having a old dropín later


Finally got round to picking up a bottle of Aldi’s award winning whiskey. I’ll crack it open Friday afteer a long week thieving.


Nice bit of shoplifting pal.


Grand small bottles fit right up the sleeve of my army jacket.


They don’t even notice you’re there thanks to the camouflage


He’s on active service.


When was that place tiled 1978?


How would I know?


Daycent tiles in fairness.


If you’ve the decorating taste of an 80 year old woman.


For an ould bottle of scotch


Jp should buy that.