Does whiskey go off after its been open for a bit?


I had 3 large drops of this last night while watching the latest sicario movie. It’s a grand whiskey. Nothing out of this world but for its price it’s very good value and perfect for a casual midweek drop if you don’t want to use up the good stuff. Well worth having a couple of bottles about. Very mild as scotch goes…


Is that the stuff that got the whisky of the year award?


It did …I think it was based on price as much as anything… but It’s very easy to drink.


Crested was 25e in tesco roxboro today. Picked up a pair as there were few left on the shelf.

Black bush was 26e


@Malarkey would you go for a Glendronach or a Glen Deveron?


Had a goid feed of Bushills and Jameson last night.
I had a serious serious horn on me after it.


Amazing what happens when the taigs and the prods get along


Just opened a bottle of the Jameson Caskmates IPA edition. Well impressed by it.


This GlenDeveron is ok.


That and the stout edition are lovely smooth whiskeys and great value.


Jameson didn’t even think enough of them to provide a cork


You see lots of mid range wines now as well with screw caps.

That’s the way things have gone I suppose


I thought those caskmates were junk. Crested is a class whiskey. Jim beam Rye has a screw cap, and I’d happily have it for breakfast


A Glendronach (or even a GlenDronach, as it now appears to be). Really underated whisky (except by blenders). Glen Deveron is grand but not in same league.


Thanks. I saved the Glendronach for later. Its a 21 year old. No idea where I got it. Glendeveron is grand but not a patch on the recent Green Spot.


Is the Glen dronach a single malt?


Lovely few drops of yellow spot last night… The only thing is it followed about 6 Guinness and half a bottle of Chablis… I’ve an awful itchy hole today.


You must have worms pal.


He got them off Brady.


Is Jameson Crested just a rebrand of Crested Ten?