Dublin City Marathon


I forgot to tell ye. I did it too, just under 4 hours !!
So proud. What a man I am etc.
I’ll put up a picture later


Fuck it, I’m going to do it next year!!


Marathons are rhe ultimate sporting test of fitness and character.
Miles better than lads wasting their time humping lumps of steel around gyms and developing useless irrelevant parts of their bodies.
I ran 5 or 6 dublins and I’ll go back and do one agin when I have the time. Everyone should do ine.


I did 3.02 today, bit disappointed not to get under 3, but I didn’t train particularly hard lately, but there’s always next year.


@TheUlteriorMotive shouting encouragement at roebuck road made my day


Well done pal. I had tears in my eyes when I saw you go by.


Didn’t do any running today but by God I am sauced. Second takeaway of the evening. Up Dublin.


Run. For four hours. For the craic. I’ll pick up the lumps of steel any day sooner than think I’m a hard man for being able to out-jog someone


Delighted to give that the all important number 25 mate :clap::clap::clap::clap:


You’d be well able for it mate. Saw a woman in Junction 14 this evening with a finishers top and medal on her and she the width of a small house. If she can finish it, anyone can

Hope to go do it myself next year. My only marathon experience was a poor result so still have an itch to scratch


Punches cross finished you that time?


You wouldn’t be able for it anyway because you are a weak fucker.


If only be laughing going up that biteen of a hill into the peony or whatever it is called now


I’d a bad spell from mile 19-21, but got through it after. I wouldn’t mind only I ran up that road every week. As someone said to me afterwards, if everything went to plan, I would have no need to go back again.


Ah sure, I’d be running mountain hills regularly before I switched to marathon training. I would have considered it a bump at most :joy:


Have to agree with you. I know a chap who has some mild form of cerebal palsy which affects the whole right side of his body and he’s still managed to get two of them done. Everyone should be able to give it a lash it they’ve the right mindset


You threw in the towel mate by the sounds of it. Savage mental weakness. I hope you are strong now


I must dig up your comments from the time mate. You’d a very different attitude :joy::joy:


Times and people change


I embrace a different style of training.