Dublin City Marathon


You’re a waste of fucking space.


Exactly. Each to their own.


Would you cop on pal. Disabled people and even lads riddled with AIDS have managed to do 5 or 6 marathons


Would you believe me if I told you I’ve no interest in ever doing one?

Anyway, more power to the lads who do them.


You sound depressed. Running is good for depression.


Neighbour of mine went from 24 to 15 stone and ran 2 marathons in the space of 18 months. He moved to bathingstoke and was kicked in the head by a horse. Lay in a coma for three weeks, regained consciousness for a few hours before passing. He said he only had one regret- running the stupid fucking marathons.


I’ll do this next year allgoing well, I’d like to do a good time (about 3-30) and do a big one abroad before cutting back to the halves and under.
Well done to all yesterday’s finishers




Especially you mate, you’re my favourite runner


I think I lapped you during the final lap of the pitch. That was me in the dms and boiler suit.


The ballot for Berlin is open at the moment. It’s a great marathon and definitely worth a couple of minutes over Dublin.


Was looking at the times of a chap I know from the TdeM and follow on Strava. Lovely pattern of times, all between 5:00 and 5:30 p/km. 35k and must have hit the wall. 4 miles to go, is that heartbreak hill?


Once you hit 20 miles, the pain hits. Some call it hitting the wall. Personally just think lads have gone off a tad too quick and/or undertrained for distance.




Would you train for 30 miles?


No, its a case of not having the mileage done. You would never do a long run over 2hr 50mins as counterproductive.


Well done to all runners yesterday
I had an enjoyable few hours out supporting about a mile from the finish


Two hours is the longest training run I ever did, and I’ve done a few marathons. You just have to dog it out, but it’s far from pleasant.


But if you time will be around 4 hours, would you not do a 3+ hours run as part of your prep?


Only a stupid bastard would waste all that time training for and then completing a marathon. It’s the carry on of attention seeking weirdos tbh.