It’s the same lady who went viral licking a toilet seat on a plane just as Covid was breaking out.

Ice Cube Reaction GIF

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Why can’t Paddy have nice things?

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When he puts them in Dublin.

How could no-one who organised this yoke have forseen that putting it on Talbot Street was asking for trouble?


Id imagine they are getting exactly what they wanted.

It’s not on Talbot Street.

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North Earl St then pedantic Pat

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Pete :nerd_face:

Dublin Dublin Dublin


Da doobs luv da midror paypa.

Do you think growing up in Dublin gives you a head start in life over the rest of Ireland ?

Rest of the world a chara

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Being able to walk upright gives you a head start over the likes of Laois.

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The plunging of the heroin needle has sounded💉

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