Election Betting

I sent an email earlier. And I’m working for a bit next monday afternoon.

Well done Bill Cullen


I’ll be voting Aodhán O’Riordáin #1 for the love of Dublin.

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I think I’ll vote number 1 Brendan Ogle and then Cuffe/O’Riordain/Gibney/Lynn Boylan/assorted other non-fascists after that.

My preference would be for Aodhán to retain his Dáil seat.

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Whats the story with the public transport? You must be going to Shanahans or somewhere this evening?

This is urban oireland mate clean yere own shit up first

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happily mate


How well off is Boylan?

Would he be living in an affluent area & an owner of many properties etc?

Looking at some of Mick Wallace’s signs around the southern half of the country you’d wonder how he’s funding the graphic design etc as he sure as fuck didn’t come up with them himself.
They’re really professionally done but in my eyes are to arty for the chap hence you’d wonder who’s directing/funding him.

His design is remarkably similar to Clare Daly’s…

Susan Sarandon released a video calling Wallace and Daly the best two meps in Europe, they are not short of support- ie money.

Yeh it’s a real mystery who is funding Mick and Clare :thinking:

Yariba yariba. Don’t say ye weren’t tellt lads.


Great shout lad. I didn’t end up backing Cuff(e) but kinda followed it as if I had. Thought he’d just edge AOR on transfers and then AOR’s transfers would have gotten him over the line.

Hope you’d a nice bit on it