Electric Picnic


Two things.

  1. Electric Picnic has very little low paid scum. It’s a festival for the rich (to be fleeced).

1A- All falafel I saw on sale was in wrap form, as opposed to burgers.


I won’t knock them for that .


Lots of younger snowflakes there too .

I stand corrected on the falafel .


I will say Kinara was outstanding as always.


Loads of them. But they were rich kids.


I think you’re allowed to bring 48 cans in with you.


pep in your step today, you buggered some bloke in a boutique tent didnt you?


How do you know?


Do you ever wonder why are you so obsessed with gay sex and not able to maintain a normal relationship with your wife or children?


Just because buggering a diseased prostitute in front of your emotionally abused wife is abnormal to you doesn’t make it strange at all at all.








I know a lot .


Did you use protection?


OMFG, B*Witched are confirmed for the Picnic. Unrale.


C’est la vie.


if its a washout they can blame it on the weatherman


It’ll be a rollercoaster of a gig.


will you be drinking champagne or Guinness?