Electric Picnic


Woah, Jesse hold on, I wouldn’t be caught dead drinking Champagne in a field in Stradbally.


Oh I get it, they’re being ironic! EP jumped the shark a few years ago.


it reached its zenith the year the cork lad dropped dead at the chemical brothers, which coincidentally is the last year I went.


Unconnected I’m sure, pal.


Who’s going? Sign in lads. I’m very underwhelmed this year and nearly couldn’t be arsed going. Although I’m looking forward to Massive attack in a big way.

An Puball Gaeilge will be showing the match on Sunday I believe.

@Copper_pipe. Did you say lads were mad looking for tickets?


You’d be better tipping out to the village to watch the game truth told.


Mate of mine sold his for a healthy profit a couple of weeks and he said his were the cheapest by a good bit on done deal. Had over 200 messages looking for them.


A friend paid 500 for 2 about 3 weeks ago.

They’re going for decent money on Donedeal/Viagogo


Went in 2012 and it was decent. Went again a few years later and it had gotten bigger and was horrible. Never again. Way too expensive. Full of posers.


All about getting a picture for Instagram…


My instastory is gonna be off the chain this weekend.




I’ve been won over, never be so trenchant in your views that you can’t evolve young friend.

It’s also free


The smugness of the people who get in for free and get to drink proper drink inside the festival is really something to behold.


I’m a big enough cunt to fit in just fine


Last attended this in 2007.



2007, year I got a load of snowballs. bit weird but hilarious in hindisght


Isn’t Altogether Now where it’s at?


Looking forward to Phil Cawley’s live set tomorrow night. Last years one was epic on the radio


They have a rapper at this thing this year :smile: