Electric Picnic


Who be that?


Only noticed Dua Lipa is in the lineup :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’d eat that


I couldn’t tell you, they all look the same to me.


Rap is shit .


It’ll be all “festival fashion” this weekend. The dollies will raid the shops for clothes that look like they were bought in an army store but cost €500.
Then on Monday, they’ll be back to supping cocktails in Sophies and listening to “Bey” or “RiRi” or “Ro”.
Guys in mandatory vests and shades even though it’ll be cold and raining…
Wankers paradise.


Glampers. Don’t forget the glampers


They’ll all be at the Johnny Logan gig for the “irony” and he’ll be a “ledge” just because.
Is that Bacardi stage still going pumping out shit all day and night?


Leo Varadkar in the middle of it


I remember I saw Cian Healy at it in skin tight jeans and tshirt and wellies. He looked like one of the Caseys!


Sounds like Cusack Stand Premium level on AI football final day.


The cunts are talking about Brexit at this . Mother of god .


Wearing a vest


with his boyfriend




I would have gotten in free to these festivals back in the day. Tbh, the best thing about those passes is getting a decent jacks.

Sometimes, you get decent food passes. I had two dinners in a row at the table beside the Saw Doctors at an Oxegen years ago. Pink and Fergie were either side of me as I got a big plate of carvery.

Don’t get too much in way of free drink


if that was in south Carolina there would be protests on the streets over this


doing that pathetic handshake where he extends that limp ould paw of his


what was this lad at?