Electric Picnic


taking a shit in someone’s tent id say


off his head on yolks


He pissed himself too .


Long weekend there yet…


Is there now a critical mass of scobes at EP that will stop the hipsters and establishment going ??


there was always a good amount of scobes at it, but mostly nordie scobes


But a critical mass ??


probably is, but the scobes don’t glamp or mahout or whatever the fuck its called


Yes. Very much so. This year will be the last year of mass hipsters. A lot of the cooler folk aren’t going this year because the All Together Now festival is where it’s at. Also the picnic are clamping down big time on artists this year. Obviously it’ll still have many older folk but the oxygen crowd have fully moved in. There’s a time between 7-9 pm when all the teenagers who have spent the day drinking in tents( because booze is so expensive) appear and it goes full zombie film.


Is that a terrorist attack?


Just drove through Stradbally there. Right denim shorts, glittery faces and lots of flesh on show is the order of the day. The women weren’t much better.


having a nosey or full on fagan?


Had business to attend to in Tipp and route home took me through it. Quicker to go through it than around it.


It’ll kill Varadkar to be up in Croke Park on Sunday and miss Justin Bieber or whoever is playing in that field in the Midlands at the same time.



A strange event full of crusties, posh South Dublin wannabe crusties, hipsters, goths and people in their mid 40s trying to relive their glory days. Full of cunts


Oops a daisies


Some Lad died last night.


Lads. I’m fucking bangered.


Hell of a weekend so far. The Little Picnic is a godsend for the kids. Some great acts, Ash were class, even Wheelers voice seems have come on a lot. Sigrid seems lovely. That Gavin James is a wank. The Franks tore it up as always. Looking forward to The Prodigy later.