Electric Picnic


This thread is a piss take, right? Surely no one over 30 would go to a festival, especially a shitty little one in Ireland?


was it yolks?


You are a true inspiration to us all. :clap::clap::clap:


Just getting the breakfast now, the Pear brothers are beside me, seem like lovely fellas.


There is a certain type of cuntishness about a greystones cunt.



Says a cark cunt


Is @TheUlteriorMotive from cark, that explains a lot


Depends which way the wind is blowing.


I see Conor Murray was at the EP yesterday, showing no outward signs of injury, thankfully.


I had absolutely no idea :open_mouth:


He was at Ed Sheeran as well. Twat.


everyone at Sheeran are twats pal


I wouldn’t say they are all twats but they haven’t a clue about decent music. But let’s face it. Decent music is thin on the ground at EP this weekend. It’s all fashionable trendy muck that will be forgotten with the spring/summer 2019 clothes collections.
Murray possibly spending his time at the Bacardi tent which needs nuking.
He’ll hardly be watching Massive Attack for the impressive back catalogue


Massive Attack were shite mate


I’m a Dub pal.


Not at all at all.


I think it’s quite evident who the pretentious cunt is…


Big Time


They were pal. Fucking godawful set


Is it raining there now?