Electric Picnic


It was when you asked.


someone was stabbed to death last night?


The lefties and crusty brigade can’t handle their beer at all



if only that was the view from the cockpit of a fully loaded A10…


Its Stradbally, no one would know the difference. The videos going round of the clean up in the camp sites this year will have the crusty snowflakes weeping.


Looks electric to be fair


Tickets for EP 2019 on sale Friday


I’ll be hoovering up my usual amount, hopefully I’ll get to gouge the fuck out of a few snowflakes then next year.


I’ll try get 2 I’d say. Can always sell them on if I decide to stay at home. Won’t be stuck with them anyway.


Does it not be full of said crusty snowflakes?


Its full of all sorts mate. Full on roasters, to full on snowflake cunts.

Incidentally, Dua Lipa is some bit of gear. Bidahokey.


Fines would fix this. How could you fine them I don’t know.


Dua Lipa is lovely.


Get plenty, mate. We’ll tip along to this next year for the laugh.


Jinx Lennon tore it up this year, needs to be put on the main stage


Even if the lineup is poor we could do well in the Used Tent market Monday morning.
The way Dublin is going we could make a fucking fortune selling them on to M Cash & her ilk.



Watch the videos mate, you’d want your head examined to touch any of those filthy bastards discarded tents.


I’ve seen it.
Snowflakes losing their minds all day yesterday.