Electric Picnic


@Cicero_Dandi doing a nice little nixer there


Are there people in those tents ?

A man can dream.


I’m feeling extremely righteous that I slept in the Berlingo and left nothing but my marbles at the Picnic.


“Nice one Ireland, Classy”, what a spastic. What part of that pile of shite does he think is recyclable I wonder. Incineration is the only way to deal with it.


People are leaving their tents behind because they think charities will take them. The reality is homeless charities have fuck all need for that many tents.


They are in their holes. They are leaving them because they are lazy and entitled.


they weren’t collecting tents until EP IV. I left my tent behind at the 2 overnighter before then, I was in too much of a jocker to even think of packing it away.(or lazy and entitled)


Festivals are so 00s…



Shur you’d buy an auld tent for €20. You’d want your head examined taking it down and packing it away after 3 days of cans and bombs when you could just leave it in the field.


I can’t believe I watched some of that. The lengths young lads go to to get a few likes on the internet and take videos of themselves. Unreal, but very, very sad.



Here is a nice little project for that loser Eamon Ryan to tackle. The green party loser.
Instead he is wasting his precious time screeching against a democratically elected US president visiting Oireland, a man who is directly responsible for creating a few hundred jobs in rural Oireland


dirty bastards


To be fair if travellers left s place in that state there would be an uproar .


If the travellers paid 200 quid a head to wreck a field over a weekend they wouldn’t get as much grief


What’s the sudden uproar about people leaving tents and there being rubbish after a massive festival?

It’s like people are shocked and have never seen this before after a festival has ended.


Fuck away out if it you dirty bastrard


Many a tent & empty can I’ve left in a campsite.

If you haven’t then you’re either a liar or a fuckin weirdo.