Electric Picnic


In all fairness what’s the difference between leaving it in Stradbally and it been sent to landfill and taking it home and shoving it in the bin and it been sent to landfill?


You’d imagine the festival organisers would be better placed to collect all this material for recycling rather than your average punter who will put it in a big black bag and stuff it into their refuse bin.


& that £250+ you pay for a ticket i’m sure includes maintenance/cleaning costs.

Some fella is getting a wage outta your shitty tent left behind.


Standard practice - dont mind the gimps here.

What i’d be more worried about is fathers like @myboyblue and @Phil_Leotardo attending this kids event … bizarre carry on. Got a text from Phil at 1 am the other night banging on about the Silent Disco - I was just leaving the Roman amphitheatre in Verona after watching an opera and I thought it was some kind of piss take, but no, he was there side stepping away to some 90s dance. That’s the way it’s gone now I suppose.


Were you in Italy bud? You should have mentioned that.


Yes. I mentioned it a few times mate.


That post bangs of my Missus ( new Mammy ) won’t allow me to go to EP.


These “music” festivals are bizarre carry on.
People going on about listening to 90s music on headphones as the highlight of their weekend. Sure that could be done out the backfield with a walkman.

A girl I know posted up on Facebook that Johnny Logan was the highlight. People are just going along for the novelty factor and the piss up.

Twas different in our day…oh wait




Some dee loopa was the highlight of the weekend apparently …


You’ve won the State the Obvious Award for the day mate.


She played the Champions League Final mate. Lasted longer than Mo Salad too


New mammy? I havent gone to EP since 2008, mate… people over 30 should be going to these things


Thanks mate


2008 was coincidentally the last year I attended. Had a band pass but the carvery wasn’t great.


Just jealous that I am living life and not just existing


A pleasure to meet you on Saturday at Sigrid mate. A beautiful moment to watch her tears as the crowd sang Stranger back to her. Thanks for the beers.


anyone over 35 going to these things need a good kick up the hole


“Let me introduce you to the gang… Cian Gannon who’s been in the videos a lot. Most famous for the Jobstown Tallagh Lidl reaction video.”

Every one of these cunts will commit suicide when they hit 40.

The country will either spontaneous die out through mass suicide or there will develop some kind of bizarre new kind of ritualistic mass child-abuse with these cunts all videoing their kids. It will dwarf the industrial school scandals of old. Mass suicide would be the preferable option.


Or maybe as the enter middle age they will join tfk and that will fill the void in their lives…