Electric Picnic



Any truth in the rumour that a Laois footballer was arrested selling drugs to an undercover cop at EP?


And allowed to make decisions for yourself, that is really what’s sticking in in his graw.


No truth in that part of it but I believe personal use was the case.


Big @Phil_Leotardo mugging off many of the TFK Dads who aren’t allowed even go to the pub without submitting an application form a month in advance


What the fuck are the peelers doing at a festival arresting lads for personal? Ffs sake.


His wife made him go ffs.


4 (four) tickets for EP 2019 for sale.


their job


Their job also entails bringing down drug dealers, criminals and murderers … but a few stats from EP will keep the lickspittles like yourself happy while the real crims walk free.


they are criminals as they are breaking the law.

go for the market, not the supply. that will reduce demand which in turn wil have the desired effect on drug dealers, murderers etc. then decriminalize the drugs.

then again, I wouldn’t expect you to understand that



Yeah - good one.


Art Fooley 01/08/12,03/08/12,06/09/13,05/12/14, 24/04/14,29/07/15,31/03/14,11/11/17,12/12/17, 14/02/18, 15/08/18
“i did loads of yokes back in the day, happy times”

Art Fooley 07/09/18 " criminalise drug users"


You really are a supreme archivist.


Our very own Judge Dredd.






Definitely getting old. Who the fuck is Dermot Kennedy? All bands on that bill are shit. Barnett and James Blake are the only two that are ok. Parquet Courts aren’t bad. The rest…


Christine and the Queens and The Streets be daycent … Four Tet could be alright if you are chilling on Sunday afternoon… You’d show up for the Strokes and Florence out of interest rather than expectation.


90% of the crowd will be standing around talking uploading pics to social media anyway. The band will be used as a back drop and a validation tool…