Energy Crisis


The greens are usually 20-30 years behind the curve.

Eamonn again


Literally destroying the country

Eamon Ryan in 2010: “Energy is too dear for businesses, get the people to subsidize it.”

Eamon Ryan now “Energy is too dear for normal people. Tough shit.”


Just logged into my account with my current energy provider and I am UP by the tune of €400 with my most recent bill (Nov - Jan) settled.

Stick that up your bollocks Vladimir.


they just gave back 1.2 billion to customers mate

They gave 1.2 billion to electricity companies, not to customers.

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which led to a €600 reduction to customers bill

From massively inflated bills. There was no incentive for companies to keep prices low as they knew the government would be paying the extra.

you are saying that towards the end of last year, you were expecting the energy companies to reduce their prices but this stopped them?

happy to have clarified @Batigol tough shit comment as €600 reduction in bills was a great idea

Can ye not just let me have my moment?


It’s short term… The whole budget was short term.

What is he doing long term to curb the greed of these bastards?

decoupling energy & windfall taxes

Get that tumble dryer on and don’t be wasting time on here!

I leave them on the line in the shed until I need them Butty.

FAO @The_Selfish_Giant

we gave the electrical supply companies €1.2bn when they are selling at inflated costs on cheaper supply to them. That payment scheme did fuck all for the consumer and a lot for the suppliers.


Yes, hence the windfall tax

Not sure what other option there was in the short term for consumers


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