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He was crying while giving evidence on the stand last week. :laughing:


Its seemingly good to run for another week. It’ll be a right tab to pick up for the loser. Doesn’t look the most astute of moves from Paudie. It should have been plain sailing for him next time out with Deasy steeping down. Phelan is very close to the Doctor with Dungravan links and Coffey backed Coveney. Leo must be fairly pissed off with Coffey for following through with this. He’ll fuck him over yet ahead of the next election.


Leo is on the late late tonight chaps. Sure to be asked the hard questions


Not tonight though


I’m sure ryan will have a load of homeless people in the audience for an ambush like he did for casey


Sure to be lots of questions about Kylie. And socks.


A repeat of the 1959 All Ireland Final as a replay will be needed to find a winner.


This will certainly pay for upgrading a number of sailing vessels in dunmore east .


Its not a great outcome for Paudie. Presumably he has to pick up the tab for his own legal team - in or around €300k for both sides according to that piece from the Paper of Record. Iconic Newspapers presumably have deep enough pockets.