FAO Fagan O'Dowd(the Night Prowler)


@Fagan_ODowd do you know any man in fair Fingal who would repair a couple of hurleys for me


Not sure about Fingal, but there’s a fella in Castleknock if @Fagan_ODowd can’t help.


That’s in administrative Fingal so it will do just fine as an answer.


There’s a fella who is outside the Naomh Mearnóg GAA club every saturday morning about 10am selling hurls. Presume he’d do the job.

Possibly this guy


Not involved on the coaching side with years now, so sorry, no.


I think Shane Brick hurleys are made by a fella in Swords, they are on Facebook.



Visiting friends in Waterford with the wife and she tells me we are going to the tannery

Seems like a decent spot?
I assume no arsefuckery like a dress code

Any bars nearby I should ask to go to or where I could watch a match beforehand


Tannery is lovely. They don’t do dress codes in Dungarvan. @Fagan_ODowd will have to fill you in about the bars



You ended up in John Keanes?
The Tannery is a great spot, was himself doing the cooking?


Brenda Power on The Brendan O’Connor show…


Cheers mate, but I was out on a date.


I think I saw you actually. Fair fucks Fagan_ODowd



That never happened


Prowling isn’t dating


It is if you catch your prey.


That’s in very poor taste @mac. I left the other lad off with it because he is just a fucking idiot looking for attention, but I am surprised and disappointed by you.


Ah it was only some cheap banter mate. Hope it went well for what it’s worth


Go fuck yourself mac.


It was nasty alright @mac. I’d say being the gracious man he is that @Fagan_ODowd would forget all about it if you threw out an oul winning horse tip.