FAO Rocko


Just checked chrome and i can see the video


I’d hoped someone was going to ask about the crazy posts earlier in the Elaine O’Hara thread - how far did it get before @The_Dunph had to step in?


What’s this now?


Yeah, they’re .webm which are HTML5 videos. Not supported in IE I don’t think.

I take it this works in both?


I’ll be more mindful of my audience in future.




I’m getting a Paul from Cheers vibe here


You’ll get your comuppence in 2043 I’d suspect


That works


Lovely. I’m going to go ahead and mark this as solved.


Why can’t I see what I’m typing on tablet when the tablet is sideways , Rocko? Is this a work in progress and un fixable for now ? You can tell me, I’m a big boy.


Are you using infusionsoft?


Which tablet? And by sideways do you mean landscape or portrait? Can you take a screenshot?


There’s no banner across this thread as you scroll Rocko


Do a Ctrl + F5 refresh.


I am and there appears to be a high profile thread missing?


It keeps on disappearing and popping back up randomly




It’s back :smiley:


It’s gone again :unamused:


On an iPhone. It’s there now.