Feeling a bit sick


Thats enough about that. Enjoy the last few weeks




Head cold has set in here, not long recovered from the fucking Flu in January. Fucks sakes.


Coughing up awful globs of mucus here. Chunks of stuff you could feed to a hungry dog.


I fear this head cold is actually a Sinus issue.
Brown bloody snot, massive pressure around my forehead, between my eyes & nose.
Any tips for relief? Taking sudafed & just took a nasal shot in each nostril but the stuff I’m using is Sterimar which is for the child.

Anything else I should be doing?

cc @KinvarasPassion @mickee321


Have you tried…


Yes, brown snot & thumb but no relief.


Get a humidifier


Boil a kettle of water, throw a large towel over your head and put the contents of the kettle into a basin. Now immerse yourself in the steam.


That sounds like an infection pal. You’ll need an antibiotic to clear it. You’ll get relief almost as soon as you start the antibiotic.


That’s my fear.

I have 500mg Amoxicillin here in the House, is that a suitable Antibiotic would any of our Medical experts know?


I’m pretty sure that’s the stuff I took but I can’t remember dosage


Couldn’t go wrong with the amoxicillin.


Thanks lads.


We bought a nebulizer in Lidl a while ago. It’s the fucking bomb for clearing up any shit like that. (unless it’s a proper full on sinus infection in which case get your drugs into you).


Otrivine mist (not drops) works well short term. A good share of your problem is the lining of the sinuses has swelled inwards making the job of clearing it very difficult. The otrivine rights that almost immediately giving you a good opportunity to clean them out, albeit temporarily. That where the steam really helps… a good hot shower is the job here… continuous supply of steam and keeping blasting it out all over the walls for inspection. You’ll think you’re finished and then a minute or two later there’s heaps more… that’s the steam working though…

There is a sinus specific antibiotic the name of which escapes me. If it is an infection proper, you may need it.


I used to live next door to a Slovak couple who kept a curative bottle of vodka stuffed with birdseye chillis. One shot either cleared the sinuses or provided a very potent distraction.


It’s a broad spectrum one so should help. Get a nasocleanse on amazon and start three times a week washing out the sinuses

You could make a salt solution now by boiling kettle and letting it cool a bit, put into a large cup add couple teaspoons of salt and some baking soda, lean your head over sink and pour it up your nose or use a calpol dosed to squirt it up


I have the flu, I feel like shit, theres a river running through my nose, I’m sneezing every minute and I’m about to go into a meeting with a very pissed off client who’s been assigned to me as I have to smooth things over. I just want to go home to bed.


Chilli fix above. Promise