Feeling a bit sick


Children are just walking little germ factories. I was hardly ever sick until the 2nd child came along. I’d say I’ve caught a bug from them every month since Christmas.


You’re a bit soft I’d say.


I’d say he has aids


Have you tried washing them?


When did TFK become so nasty?


Lads just on edge waiting for the championship to start. We’re stuck in a vacuum until it starts proper. You’re just unlucky is all


I thought it was always like this


What championship?


A curse. All sorts they transmit.


It’s probably the lice that carry the bug, not the kids


And the bugs they pass on are far more sickening than the ones adults pass on.


Are your taking any vitamins, probiotics or anything for your own immune system? You’re only asking for trouble if you’re not. You’re effectively living in a petri dish. Tesco and Boots now have their own brand version of Berocca which is decent. The snowflakes on here will recommend some Alaskan Salt or Egyptian Husk of some sort. I wouldn’t bother though.


The Aspartame will rot your hole from the inside out


Berocca’s only function is to change the colour of your piss


Its not Berocca lads


@Mac is a very impressionable type. He got big into craft beer after people told him it would help him develop a personality.


That’s your best ever contribution to the forum, as @mac loves to say.


Have a dose of gout in the ankle, never experienced pain like it. I’m fucking grey here from it.


I come from a family of gout sufferers . My grandfather had it, my two uncles have it, but none have it worse than my auld fella.
Rich man’s disease me hole. I await my gout fate


Low blood pressure? What’s the story with this.
I’ve blacked out twice since I think Feb, the first one I put down to flu. I’ve ended up in A & E both times due to the people around me panicking. This time I’ve made an appointment for my GP, have never ever had any health issues, apart from stitches & breaks etc and a dodgy cruciate I’ve never been inside a hospital.